All natural Heaven scent  body butter in a 8 oz jar.The scent gives you a feeling of peace. There are sweet notes of carmel, raspberry, peach and pear. There are also musk notes of white musk, warm cinnamon and some secret notes.

Heaven Body Butter

  • The perfect silky, moisturizing body butter that leaves your skin feeling smooth ALL DAY! This body butter glides on your skin smoothly and is all natural. A combination of shea butter, along with coconut oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, it is packed with skin nurturing ingredients

    A little goes a long way, this is a 8 oz jar and lasts much longer than the store bought stuff twice or three times its size. This product is made to order, so you are always getting a fresh product - no water added, only intensive moisture that will last throughout the day!

    I also make all my body butters and creams with the highest quality fragrance and essential oils that last throughout the day! There is nothing like smelling just as amazing at the end of a long day as you did just putting on the cream in the morning!

    I make my body butters with no preservatives and no water added, so all you are putting on your skin is those amazing butters and oils, with no added chemicals! This results in a thicker body butter that melts on your skin on contact and lasts a while since you don't need as much as some thinned down butters that add water.

    Because of the all natural ingr